I am around

It has been a while since I wrote in this site.  Well, it looks like I did break up with the girl and I think there may be some bitterness on her end.  I put her on limited profile just in case since I really don’t need an angry or bitter ex on my back.

In work, they finally got me a desk and a computer so I can actually start working on-site after two months of waiting.  It’s really not that glamorous but the pay stubs remind me of what I am working for.  Now it is just taking time to adjust to the commute and learning to know my co-workers in the office.

There are days where I feel I am free after being single and then there are days where I missed the good times.  The challenge is just getting back into the rat race after investing so much time into a failed relationship.  I was sad, I am a bit worn, and I am still figuring out my way in this thing.

My good friend got married and I am happy for them.  Now, I need to find an apartment after my vacation in September.

Its going to be a pain visiting Montreal and I need to prepare myself for any surprises along the way.  It’s funny seeing my then-father’s hotel go bust from mismanagement and then prospering after it was sold to Days Inn and revamped into the Days Inn Hotel in downtown Montreal.

The only evidence of the old Hotel Furama is the Restaurant Lotte in the hotel. He spent all that time mismanaging the hotel with his hag at the expense of neglecting his family.  This is all his damn fault.  The Montreal riots from this morning and the weekend really reminded me why I am better off in America.

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