To the floor

I am not terribly nostalgic, yet sometimes the past does come up.  On one hand the past is way to remind people how much has changed and for some it’s a way to express displeasure at the current situation.  I did see nostalgia as a way to express my frustration at my current situation at one point, and now it’s more a way to remind myself that things are better overall than the past.

While browsing around, I found I still have the old website from the 2001 Governor’s School of International Studies programme online.  For those who don’t know the Governor’s School of International Studies was a state-sponsored summer programme that selected 100 high school students to attend a one-month programme at a state university before their final year of high school.  Most of the kids who were accepted were either rich kids, or top students in the areas of social studies with a multicultural background.

I later learned from one of my colleagues, that the Governor School kids who were at her college were perceived to be rich kids.  Well, I can say that I wasn’t a rich kid, and I was selected because I was a top student in my area and for having a “diverse background”.  Most of the classmates I spent time with were actually top students with diverse backgrounds as opposed to the rich kids who attended private academies that had a fencing clubs, summer homes, electric violins or pure Anglo-Saxon protestants who can directly trace their ancestry to the original American colonists.

The one-month programme had us staying in Quebec City for about a week to learn about their provincial history and the Quebec Separatist (Nationalist) movement.  The next four weeks after Quebec were dedicated to taking international studies courses and doing virtual Model United Nations-like debates.  The final week had our classes conducting a Model United Nations debate in the United Nations conference room.  Overall, I did have a good time in Governor’s School and I made some close friends who I still speak with to this day.

I learned years later that thanks to Jon Corzine, the Quebec trip has been eliminated, the programme now requires qualified applicants to pay tuition if they choose to attend, and some courses were cut.  The only thing that hasn’t changed are the increasing number of rich kids participating in the programme, since they are the only ones who can afford it thanks to Corzine’s changes.

That was a fun summer and it was nice to be able to pad my transcript and LinkedIn with that programme.  It’s also nice to know that I was one of the 100 people who were actually selected by the State to attend the programme against the thousands of students who applied.

Some Model Minorities and rich kid in my school applied to the programme.  The social studies department screened out everyone but me and this other kid.  We were then submitted to the country for the selection process and I made it along with 9 other kids from the country.  After that, I was selected with the other kid from my high school to form the class for the 2001 Governor’s School of International Studies.

Not surprisingly, I won the Social Studies Department award from my high school, which seemed to piss some people off.  I think one Model Minority harboured a petty grudge against me as he felt he was entitled to the departmental award as he was a top student who was accommodated by the administration.

I later learned from a good friend that I was heavily disliked during high school ranging from Model Minorities who felt I shouldn’t be taking honours classes with them, to these bratty Indian kids who thought I ratted out one of their friends (It was Jeff but I took the heat for him), to a few jocks who felt I ruined the curve for them.

Yes, that high school gave me some mixed experiences and most of the people I knew were quite were quite pathetic in hindsight.  The others who I have mended fences with or those who I am generally in good terms with are not an issue.  So no one should honestly expect me to attend a high school reunion where I get to see some former classmates relive their “glory” days or brag about their past successes instead of living in the present and working towards a future.

So I went to celebrate one of my friend’s 21st birthday last night and it’s safe to say he had a celebration.  I won’t go into details but there are pictures that provide bits and pieces of his night.

Enough of that.

So I am back to dating.  One girl seems to be interesting but is busy from what I can see.  The other seems a bit off and I’ll figure out where I want to go when I meet her again.  Maybe I should start going to more social events instead of just sitting around at home in New Jersey.

There is much uncertainty to where I am at the moment.  I am advised to save money and not go get an apartment in light of the escalating recession.  At the same time, I am getting sick of staying in New Jersey and having my activities limited by the train schedules and the brutal commute home.  Besides, I am not the type of guy who really enjoys living under monotonous routines since it makes me feel like I am wasting my life and bores me.

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