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Some people at work left today for good. I didn’t feel good about what happened and it bothered me. It’s still bothering me as I write this.

I don’t think my girl is pissed at me. I hope she isn’t that insecure.

I am playing with fire

Yes I am.

Soy milk is not “I am milk”

Sarah palin is a living stereotype of a stupid stupid woman. She practically proves Borat right and gives credence to people who think women should never have the right to vote.

Sarah palin is so stupid she thought Africa wasn’t a continent

She is so dumb she had trouble knowing the countries in north America.

So glad she lost

Obama better win

America is fucked if McCain takes power.

Just a feeling

The njtransit is delayed again no thanks to amtrak. I am stuck here writing on the iPhone again. Amtrak is a state-run corporation that needs to either fail or be privatized. Too bad there isn’t money to maintain the trains and tracks.

There are some days…

There are some days where I just want to scream and then there are days where everything is going great.  Today is one of those days that is somewhere in between.

I still can’t believe that bitch had the nerve to email me for a fundraiser walk even after I made it clear I am not planning on talking to her again. She led me on, took me for granted, flaked out, and withheld information for her benefit.  I wound up losing some opportunities to spend time with others for that woman.  Now, I get the occasional reminder of what I missed out and sometimes it does bother if not hurt me.

That night at the botched open bar was just unpleasant.  I was upset over being led on, the low turnout, the prospect of returning to Quebec, and suspecting the worst in missing out.  I pushed the self-destruct button on myself and it frankly scared the crap out of my co-workers.  One of them thinks I am francophobic while the other thinks I am unstable.  Either way its not good.

Right now, I am not sure if I am dating or just hanging out with some girls.  I can relate better to one but she seems to be at that “party/boozing” phase of her life while the other is cute but seems a bit unhappy and looking for security at that point of her life.  I think I may become good friends with one while the other could be pulling my string (though I hope its not the case).

I should stop going to these meetups.  Most of them are populated by girls in their late 20s or early 30s and mostly filled with strange guys.  Sunday’s meetup was no exception.  It too bad I didn’t get too much time to talk with people I had intended to spend time with and that may work against me.  Maybe I am overanalyzing the situation and I may be one of the more normal guys at that meetup.

I need to go out.  This surbuban lifestyle is stifling.

Just a slow Tuesday night

I honestly am reluctant to write despite having many things on my mind.  I finally went out with the girl after nearly 3 months of her either disappearing or flaking out at the last minute.  The date was us mostly talking about random topics and ending with a hug.  She really has a bad habit of not responding to emails and sometimes I feel I am dealing with corporate HR when corresponding with her.  She has a French boyfriend and I have been led on.  This is just wrong.

I hate being played.

I planning to host a free open bar after winning a drawing for such a party.  I just need to remember to call the people tomorrow to get things going.  I am planning on sending out evites to around 80 people and I am expecting no more than 1/4th of the list to actually show up with some guests.

Asian-American issues: where do I start?  As of the past 3 months, I have not had any major Asian-American issues with the exception of one ignorant nurse who remarked that “Asians should not drink” when I was brought to Bellvue for alcohol poisoning during one wild night out.  I honestly do not believe her remarks were out of pure racism but out of ignorance based on stereotypes from the media.

I can spend hours writing about how I was offended and mad, but it really does nothing to change the situation.  There are Asian-American pressure groups that work to prevent and correct such nonsense but they are mostly based in California and possibly Hawaii even though the problems are all over America.  At the same time, these groups are severely fragmented and some of the leading groups are led by individuals who seem to be disconnected with the rest of Asian-Americans.

At this point the only Asian-American involvement from me consists of joining social groups to mingle and meet new people who happen to be Asian or watching the occasional foreign film.

Enough militant Asian-Americans have called on people to support Asian-American media, musicians, and artists, yet few have stepped up.  Is it because these individuals are not up to snuff? Or is it because people have moved on once the hype ended?  I think it is a bit of both.  Many Asian-American personalities tend to become overdependent on using their ethnicity to build up their core support instead of working as individuals to cultivate their craft.  Some exceptions to this are George Takei, Don Ho, Kal Penn, and John Cho.

Asian-American support is only as good as the product itself.  We can have a “Shanghai Kiss” which is a watered-down version of “The Lover”, but generated massive hype from the filmmakers outreach to Asian-Americans and for Hayden from “Heroes” as a lead character.  To be honest, the movie was not that great, but all the massive hype due to its Asian-American nature made it seem like it was on par with “Citizen Kane”.

On the other hand, the television movie “Farewell to Manzanar” with its ensemble cast of Japanese-American and Asian-American characters were able to tell a dramatic tale of WW2 Japanese internment and how it effected a family.  I recommend people to read the novel that the movie is based on.

In her autobiographical novel Farewell to Manzanar (1973), Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston writes about her family’s experiences at Manzanar, a internment camp in California‘s Owens Valley where Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II.[2] The novel was adapted in to a television movie in 1976, starring Nobu McCarthy, who portrayed both Houston as well as her mother in the film.[3]

In an effort to educate Californians about the experiences of Japanese Americans who were imprisoned during World War II, the book and the movie were distributed in 2002 as a part of kit to approximately 8,500 public elementary and secondary schools and 1,500 public libraries in California. The kit also included study guides tailored to the book, and a video teaching guide.

Asian-Americans should be supporting movies or literature like the above instead of playing the race card in promoting relatively generic works.   I don’t understand why there has been a lack of proper adaptations to such films despite the body of work from Asian-American writers.  I was disappointed when people did not support Jin but I was glad that people were giving support to actors like John Cho and Kal Penn in whatever films they were in.

I am around

It has been a while since I wrote in this site.  Well, it looks like I did break up with the girl and I think there may be some bitterness on her end.  I put her on limited profile just in case since I really don’t need an angry or bitter ex on my back.

In work, they finally got me a desk and a computer so I can actually start working on-site after two months of waiting.  It’s really not that glamorous but the pay stubs remind me of what I am working for.  Now it is just taking time to adjust to the commute and learning to know my co-workers in the office.

There are days where I feel I am free after being single and then there are days where I missed the good times.  The challenge is just getting back into the rat race after investing so much time into a failed relationship.  I was sad, I am a bit worn, and I am still figuring out my way in this thing.

My good friend got married and I am happy for them.  Now, I need to find an apartment after my vacation in September.

Its going to be a pain visiting Montreal and I need to prepare myself for any surprises along the way.  It’s funny seeing my then-father’s hotel go bust from mismanagement and then prospering after it was sold to Days Inn and revamped into the Days Inn Hotel in downtown Montreal.

The only evidence of the old Hotel Furama is the Restaurant Lotte in the hotel. He spent all that time mismanaging the hotel with his hag at the expense of neglecting his family.  This is all his damn fault.  The Montreal riots from this morning and the weekend really reminded me why I am better off in America.

I hate flakers

So there was this one girl who I gained an interest over several months ago.  Everytime I try to arrange something, she flakes out at the last minutes.  If those were real dates I would have been stood up enough times.  One time she went off the grid for a month and then returned.

I really wonder if there really is an interest on her end or if she is just playing me.  Facebook, meetup adds, and emails.  She is not very responsive and she is a flaker.  I have moved on and that didn’t work out.  Maybe I will try something later in the week.  Then again, she does have her share of guys sweating on her and she may be with someone.

In life, it’s always best to plan for the worse and hope for the best.


This week has been a fucking wreck.  First things go horribly wrong at a scheduled data upload which fucked up the client’s timetable for the next two weeks. Then my “person of interest”, since I am not sure to call her my ex or girlfriend, suddenly goes apeshit over a scratched keyboard and ignores my apologies and my efforts to get the problem fixed.  Apparently, this was over some bad habits I had done which may have led to some dents or rearranged items at her place.  Anyway, she should have told me about my bad habit so I can fix it instead of keeping it all inside and then blowing up at the most random time.

So apparently, she go so “super mad” over the two scratched keyboard buttons that she decides to dump me on facebook by changing her relationship status.  One of the worst ways to end a relationship is on facebook.  This is usually reserved for the insane, the cheats, the immature, and the assorted scum. Dumping someone on facebook is reserved for the lowest of the low.  The fact she decided to nuke our relationship over something that can be resolved is just petty.

When I learned about the news I was a bit upset.  She gave me the impression that the months of dating were meaningless since she was willing to nuke it over a few misplaced, dented or rearranged items.  Yes I was wrong to manhandle certain things or to not immediately tell her if something was dinged out of embarassment, but this does not qualify me for being dumped on facebook.

After about a good two or three days, I thought over the relationship and I feel I am better off not being with her.  There were some things I overlooked for the sake of working it out, but the relationship has become more of a chore than something that can grow.  There is already a communications breakdown since she took some things I said about us in the wrong way and thought I was cheating on her based on my facebook mini-feed.  This is just a red flag.

My friends are saying that I can do better and its time I met someone who is closer to my values and background.  I think they are right and I rather just suspend this relationship if not end it.

After telling her I was upset over the fact she dumped me and for pointing out most of these issues could have been sorted out if she had told me about it in the first place, she later said she didn’t know the change in relationship status meant she ended the relationship.  I am not sure what to say but I do know facebook has her language as an option and the mini-feed did say “xxx xxx is no longer in a relationship and is single” with a broken heart for a symbol.

I think it’s better we are not together.  She said it herself that she needed space and to do her own things.  I spent too much time with her at the expense of my friends.  I really don’t want to be in a relationship being overshadowed by insecurities, miscommunication, and petty issues that can be easily resolved and prevented