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Soy milk is not “I am milk”

Sarah palin is a living stereotype of a stupid stupid woman. She practically proves Borat right and gives credence to people who think women should never have the right to vote.

Sarah palin is so stupid she thought Africa wasn’t a continent

She is so dumb she had trouble knowing the countries in north America.

So glad she lost

Obama better win

America is fucked if McCain takes power.

Just a slow Tuesday night

I honestly am reluctant to write despite having many things on my mind.  I finally went out with the girl after nearly 3 months of her either disappearing or flaking out at the last minute.  The date was us mostly talking about random topics and ending with a hug.  She really has a bad habit of not responding to emails and sometimes I feel I am dealing with corporate HR when corresponding with her.  She has a French boyfriend and I have been led on.  This is just wrong.

I hate being played.

I planning to host a free open bar after winning a drawing for such a party.  I just need to remember to call the people tomorrow to get things going.  I am planning on sending out evites to around 80 people and I am expecting no more than 1/4th of the list to actually show up with some guests.

Asian-American issues: where do I start?  As of the past 3 months, I have not had any major Asian-American issues with the exception of one ignorant nurse who remarked that “Asians should not drink” when I was brought to Bellvue for alcohol poisoning during one wild night out.  I honestly do not believe her remarks were out of pure racism but out of ignorance based on stereotypes from the media.

I can spend hours writing about how I was offended and mad, but it really does nothing to change the situation.  There are Asian-American pressure groups that work to prevent and correct such nonsense but they are mostly based in California and possibly Hawaii even though the problems are all over America.  At the same time, these groups are severely fragmented and some of the leading groups are led by individuals who seem to be disconnected with the rest of Asian-Americans.

At this point the only Asian-American involvement from me consists of joining social groups to mingle and meet new people who happen to be Asian or watching the occasional foreign film.

Enough militant Asian-Americans have called on people to support Asian-American media, musicians, and artists, yet few have stepped up.  Is it because these individuals are not up to snuff? Or is it because people have moved on once the hype ended?  I think it is a bit of both.  Many Asian-American personalities tend to become overdependent on using their ethnicity to build up their core support instead of working as individuals to cultivate their craft.  Some exceptions to this are George Takei, Don Ho, Kal Penn, and John Cho.

Asian-American support is only as good as the product itself.  We can have a “Shanghai Kiss” which is a watered-down version of “The Lover”, but generated massive hype from the filmmakers outreach to Asian-Americans and for Hayden from “Heroes” as a lead character.  To be honest, the movie was not that great, but all the massive hype due to its Asian-American nature made it seem like it was on par with “Citizen Kane”.

On the other hand, the television movie “Farewell to Manzanar” with its ensemble cast of Japanese-American and Asian-American characters were able to tell a dramatic tale of WW2 Japanese internment and how it effected a family.  I recommend people to read the novel that the movie is based on.

In her autobiographical novel Farewell to Manzanar (1973), Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston writes about her family’s experiences at Manzanar, a internment camp in California‘s Owens Valley where Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II.[2] The novel was adapted in to a television movie in 1976, starring Nobu McCarthy, who portrayed both Houston as well as her mother in the film.[3]

In an effort to educate Californians about the experiences of Japanese Americans who were imprisoned during World War II, the book and the movie were distributed in 2002 as a part of kit to approximately 8,500 public elementary and secondary schools and 1,500 public libraries in California. The kit also included study guides tailored to the book, and a video teaching guide.

Asian-Americans should be supporting movies or literature like the above instead of playing the race card in promoting relatively generic works.   I don’t understand why there has been a lack of proper adaptations to such films despite the body of work from Asian-American writers.  I was disappointed when people did not support Jin but I was glad that people were giving support to actors like John Cho and Kal Penn in whatever films they were in.

Things went in a different direction last weekend

So I was supposed to break up with her due to the one way feelings and the age difference.  We had decided to have a light lunch at a tea place to talk over this and the breakup wound up lasting for about 3 hours.  After that, I decided to help her get and install an air conditioner in her apartment since I did care about her and there was a wild heatwave in New York City.

It took about an hour for the bus to get back to her place and about another hour to properly install the damn thing into the window.  After that it got to be about 10:00 PM and she invited me for dinner based on her original plans to cook me dinner and spend the night together.  We started talking and then one thing led to another.  After dinner, we spent time together and reconciled through the night; through part of the morning and then part of the afternoon.

I think it was at this point the breakup became moot and the relationship became serious.  There are no promises on where this will go but to just go with the flow.  At the end of the weekend, I was incredibly tired, dizzy, and a bit worn out after a long weekend…

So that’s how things are going in life.  When things weren’t going so well with her at that time, I considered talking to another girl.  However, that girl never shows up and is very unresponsive.  I don’t like being teased and it’s her loss.

In work, I recently accepted a promotion and I will be working in Queens in a few weeks.  This means I will have to wake up an hour earlier to make up for the extended commute and I need to find an apartment soon.  The responsibilities are expanded and the salary is also bumped up to reflect this.  I hope it works out for me.  It will be strange almost returning to the client-side and working for a major financial services organization who is bleeding lots of cash because of subprime.

On a sad note, I learned one of my high school friends has been called to Iraq in July.  I wish him the best and I hope he is stationed in Kurdistan instead of Central Iraq.

A night out.

It was a fun night out after finishing up my first week on at the new job. Last night was planned to be a meetup with a good college friend, some friends I met at an Obama group, and a with a former co-worker. After getting off work, I first went to the Manhattan Mall to see if they had the new Starbury shoe in stock.

I know this really sounds retarded and it makes me sound really cheap, but I actually think Starburys are a practical shoe. For only $20, people can get a nice-looking shoe that is a good quality walking shoe and make a statement against obscenely-priced sneakers or casual shoes from Nike, Reebok-Adidas, and even Puma. I honestly don’t think Stephon Marbury is as good as he used to be in the past, but I like the message he is saying with his Starbury line of shoes.

Most people really don’t know that most of the shoes produced by Nike, Adidas-Reebok and Puma are usually subcontracted out to the same factory in some emerging market with cheap labor and lax labor regulations. The average shoe factory worker gets paid in dollars based on the number of shoes they make in factory conditions that are modeled around scientific management. The only reason why a $1 to $5 dollar shoe costs at least $45 when it hits the store is because of the brand that gets stitched into the shoe and from the company’s advertising budget spent on promote the brand’s culture and the status symbol behind having the shoes.

Well, in certain ways Starbury is becoming a status symbol among the socially responsible and progressive-minded circles. If a Starbury is good enough for Ben Wallace and for billionaire Mark Cuban, then it is good enough for me. The problem is some of their better designed shoes are almost always out of stock in most Steve & Barry stores and the trip down to Manhattan Mall was no different.

So after hanging around Herald Sqaure, I met up with my friend and we proceeded to the Upper East Side to join up with my Obama buddies. It was almost a good two months since I last saw them in person although we do regularly chat online about the election and related topics. We settled on eating German food at a local restaurant and bar that served authentic German beer in 1 liter mugs. I can say that I was quite hammered after taking about 2-3 liters worth of strong German beer even with a large meal. These were just good times with good company and not even the snow or the long wait got in the way.

Afterwards, my friend and I went to visit my co-worker after parting ways with my Obama friends for the night. I had just learned from my co-worker that he was stopping by Manhattan for the night with some friends at the club. After working out way back to 49th St, it turned out that there was a huge line and my co-worker could not get us in the back because of strict rules. So we spent a few minutes chatting before heading out. It was good seeing him again, and I think things will be happening for him.

Because we couldn’t get into the club, we made a snap decision to get some cash from a nearby ATM and just go to the gentleman’s club next door. The club had very hot girls and a nice atmosphere but the cover charge was $20, along with a coat charge, a 20% tip for the bar and all dances were at $20. Most of the girls at the club were either from Eastern Europe with a few Asian international college students who were working for the easy money. One dancer was from the Russian, the other was Croatian and the better one was from Japan. Believe me, This can get very expensive and it really did. But it was all in good fun as I learned that I preferred Asian girls over the Eastern European ones.

It was fun, yet all that griding, from naked girls with beautiful bodies and seductive voices really didn’t “wake [me] up” as the Russian girl put it. I think I am at a point where I really need a girl to do something to me to get me going or I simply prefer having a girlfriend to do all that and more to me. Then again, I may have been put off by the large number of middle-aged, overweight and creepy investment banker types having their way with those strippers. One of the bathroom attendants told me that one Wall St. guy had blown about $50k in one night at this club.

This went on until about 3:30 AM before we decided to call it a night. I wound up really toasted by the end of the night to the point where I overslept during the PATH ride back and wound up walking out the wrong station after hallucinating that my friend had left at that station. I didn’t realize it but I think I got out of the PATH and into the apartment around 6:00 AM and just went to sleep with my street clothes and coat on.

This is where it begins

So I have been about seven months out of college and still adjusting to life in the Big Apple. It was really interesting how I found my current job after spending nearly every other day in my senior year interviewing with corporate recruiters at the career services center, occasionally flying out to corporate headquarters on all-expense trips for an all-out interview, and then the occasional phone interview.

Most of the time, I was just applying to jobs for the sake of applying. I really had no idea what to do with my life and my career services counselor wasn’t too helpful in that area. Half the time, I lost interest in the company when I allowed the recruiter to talk about his or her career and their office life. Nevermind relocating; that was never an issue as many people would be more than happy to leave New Jersey. In a nutshell, the job search just seemed like a never-ending struggle and sometimes it just felt worse than being rejected by a string of nice girls.

So anyway, it was time for graduation and nearly all my friends had found lucrative positions, with summer vacations and signing bonuses. For me, it was still a struggle searching on, classifieds and even submitting my resume to temp agencies. Then graduation came and I was still unemployed until I decided to do some part time work for the college phone bank.

Basically, all I had to do was randomly cold call a alumni for college donations. The upside is I get to keep half of my earnings, but the earnings were really peanuts compared to what a Indonesian sweatshop worker made. I was still looking for meaningful work while cold calling random alumni. One day, I got a callback from one of the recruiters for a phone interview. During this interview I really didn’t care about the guy’s company, the job position or even what he thought about me because I just kept giving random answers to all of his questions.

Somehow, I had made it through this phone interview for an in-person interview at their corporate office. About three days later, I went there suited up and continued with the interview on a rainy day. Most of the questions really had very little to do with my experiences in the business program or my major. Instead he kept asking questions about what I thought about the 2008 election, Iraq and even the credit crisis, which were all politically charged questions that would never show up in any corporate interviews.

I did my best to give neutral, fact-based responses to them and I somehow got the impression my recruiter was more concerned about finding someone he can work with. I later learned that I was the second person out of two candidates that were interviewed for the position with the other candidate being a very attractive Korean girl from New York University.

To make a otherwise long story short, I got the offer for the position to be a brand manager in an NYSE-traded company. They were nice enough to let me start about 3 months after I signed the agreement along with a signing bonus. It seemed like things worked out in the end after all that struggle with rounds of job interviews. Now my story begins in New York, where I am still adjusting to the lifestyle, looking for love, and even the occasional challenge with the bills.