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Some people at work left today for good. I didn’t feel good about what happened and it bothered me. It’s still bothering me as I write this.

I don’t think my girl is pissed at me. I hope she isn’t that insecure.

I am around

It has been a while since I wrote in this site.  Well, it looks like I did break up with the girl and I think there may be some bitterness on her end.  I put her on limited profile just in case since I really don’t need an angry or bitter ex on my back.

In work, they finally got me a desk and a computer so I can actually start working on-site after two months of waiting.  It’s really not that glamorous but the pay stubs remind me of what I am working for.  Now it is just taking time to adjust to the commute and learning to know my co-workers in the office.

There are days where I feel I am free after being single and then there are days where I missed the good times.  The challenge is just getting back into the rat race after investing so much time into a failed relationship.  I was sad, I am a bit worn, and I am still figuring out my way in this thing.

My good friend got married and I am happy for them.  Now, I need to find an apartment after my vacation in September.

Its going to be a pain visiting Montreal and I need to prepare myself for any surprises along the way.  It’s funny seeing my then-father’s hotel go bust from mismanagement and then prospering after it was sold to Days Inn and revamped into the Days Inn Hotel in downtown Montreal.

The only evidence of the old Hotel Furama is the Restaurant Lotte in the hotel. He spent all that time mismanaging the hotel with his hag at the expense of neglecting his family.  This is all his damn fault.  The Montreal riots from this morning and the weekend really reminded me why I am better off in America.

There are signs that a storm is looming

All the worst elements creep up on me when I am nearing or supposed to be at a lowpoint.  I see the signs that something is going to happen.

Nutty Week

The promotion has been phased in and now I am waiting for them to process me so I can get started at the new office. The problem is corporate HR takes their sweet time to get things done.

The apartment hunting has begun and it’s been interesting so far with a start in Jersey City. I think it is a nice place to live but I need something a bit closer to the office. So it looks like I am going to look around in Queens next weekend around Sunnyside and maybe go to a party later at night. The current 2 hour commute is starting to wear me down and this is one of the reasons I don’t feel like waking up for the day.

Bill has secured his contract and will be leaving America to teach in South Korea for 1 or 2 years. He unfortunately is ending his relationship with his girlfriend but he feels he needs to do this to figure out what he wants in life and to explore the world. I think I would like to do something like this as my commitments are coming to an end, but I think New York City is the place to start for me.

My relationship is starting to get in the way of my girlfriend’s studies. She didn’t do too well in her first exam and now she needs all the time to get up to speed for the rest of her courses. All I can do is to not get in her way and to just give her the support she needs to get by. It’s funny how this dating didn’t start off as serious and then it kind of grew into what it is now.

The flip side of this is that some girls are now upset that I am “off the market”. One girl is still trying to find time to hang out with me, but she tends to not show up at events while another is just not proactive. Then there is this other girl who seems cute, but seems a bit off. I guess they are all making the same mistakes I made when I was looking for a girl in the past. I used to be proactive, reluctant to go to any social events, and pretending to be someone I am not.

Saturday was the day I went to my classmate’s housewarming party. It was good seeing him and the rest of my business school classmates. Most of them seem to be the same as they were years ago and one is getting married. I think getting married at 24 or 25 is a bit young since there is so much more to explore in this world, but this is just me.

Things went in a different direction last weekend

So I was supposed to break up with her due to the one way feelings and the age difference.  We had decided to have a light lunch at a tea place to talk over this and the breakup wound up lasting for about 3 hours.  After that, I decided to help her get and install an air conditioner in her apartment since I did care about her and there was a wild heatwave in New York City.

It took about an hour for the bus to get back to her place and about another hour to properly install the damn thing into the window.  After that it got to be about 10:00 PM and she invited me for dinner based on her original plans to cook me dinner and spend the night together.  We started talking and then one thing led to another.  After dinner, we spent time together and reconciled through the night; through part of the morning and then part of the afternoon.

I think it was at this point the breakup became moot and the relationship became serious.  There are no promises on where this will go but to just go with the flow.  At the end of the weekend, I was incredibly tired, dizzy, and a bit worn out after a long weekend…

So that’s how things are going in life.  When things weren’t going so well with her at that time, I considered talking to another girl.  However, that girl never shows up and is very unresponsive.  I don’t like being teased and it’s her loss.

In work, I recently accepted a promotion and I will be working in Queens in a few weeks.  This means I will have to wake up an hour earlier to make up for the extended commute and I need to find an apartment soon.  The responsibilities are expanded and the salary is also bumped up to reflect this.  I hope it works out for me.  It will be strange almost returning to the client-side and working for a major financial services organization who is bleeding lots of cash because of subprime.

On a sad note, I learned one of my high school friends has been called to Iraq in July.  I wish him the best and I hope he is stationed in Kurdistan instead of Central Iraq.

Everyone is getting married

I just learned that my Japanese penpal for over a year is getting engaged to her boyfriend.  This is almost surreal since I had corresponded with her for nearly a year but never met her in person.    Then on the work side, things were really shitty yesterday and things kind of slowed down in the strangest times, which made me feel like a slacker especially when one of my bosses came to check on me.

I didn’t get to get any free ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s today as the schedule was just hectic.  Still can’t believe my penpal is getting hitched, one of my 23-year-old classmate is pregnant, while I am feeling somewhat awkward about my current relationship.

Now I need to figure out what is a good wedding gift for my other friend’s wedding in the summer.

Advice for guys

I had a good time yesterday eating dinner with a nice girl and later going out to karaoke with other people from a meetup.  Some things that were quirky was the fact that it was the idea of this guy yet he was failing in the following:

1.  If you’re going to suggest karaoke for a group, make sure you have a venue.  Don’t just talk about it and then make excuses about not getting people a spot due to deposit fees or uncertainties.  Make sure you know places that can fit the need at that time.

2. Know your liquor.  If people ask for Soju do not get all of them separate bottles.  Soju, for those who don’t know, is basically Korean rice vodka that can be anywhere from 40 to 80 proof depending on the brand and quality.  People who don’t know their liquor should not be ordering for other people.

3. Sing songs that can only fit your vocal range or you know.  It’s really embarrassing to be singing completely off-key or screwing up because the lyrics are unfamiliar.  What’s worse is that it can destroy confidence, which is something that isn’t good in a social situation.  Singing popular songs is another good idea since people know what you’re singing.

I used to have these problems at one point, and I have been working on them.  The karaoke part is the challenge since my voice has changed and I haven’t done it in over 2 years.

It’s kind of strange

I seemed to have gotten over last week’s revelation and things are back to normal as of today. There is still craziness at work, a desire to move out, and some clarity in my goals.

I had my periodic mentor discussion in regards to my career goals and with ideas to moving near Manhattan. The thing about an MBA is that it is best to get several years of work experience along with tangible records of notable achievements and promotions. In addition, some things recruiters do look for are leadership and volunteer or community services. This of course does not mean leadership at work since that is a given due to the general nature of the office environment.

Leadership refers to taking initiatives outside of work that are in line with the person’s goals or passions. Dedication does not mean simply joining and operating in a an organization about 6 to 9 months before applying to the business school either. The recruiters will know and some applicants have been caught. Another benefit to joining a community service organization are the endless networking opportunities, the opportunity to cultivate skill sets and personal fulfillment.

The most important part is trying to explain why an MBA is the answer. It is important to have clear and positive goals in mind when explaining why an MBA is the right career choice. For example, getting an MBA is a way to expand opportunities in the company to securing international opportunities or to develop new skills for future career opportunities are feasible answers. Also mentioning that it is because of tuition reimbursement is another good answer since it highlights that the company is more than willing to invest in your success and with general assurances of fast track career growth.

With that in mind, it seems that it will be a few more years before I am in a position to get into the MBA program and a few more years to build myself up in Manhattan. The other challenge is finding a nice apartment close to the PATH and in a relatively safe and interesting neighborhood. This is where the current challenge is for me.

I am looking forward to my friend’s party on Friday and whatever comes this coming Saturday. There are some nights where I am at home feeling like I am missing out on something and there are just days where I just want to not do anything.

It’s strange.

It’s been about a month since I started working in the City and things have been changing.  The company I am working at is having huge growing pains, the man who hired me has moved on, and so far I had decent feedback on my work.

I think the biggest challenge is getting up to speed on my job to at least where my predecessor was before she left.  Most of the challenges will be understanding the technical nature of the client and its needs.  The other challenge involves learning how to manage projects and ideas their way.

The other non-work related challenge is finding an apartment closer to the City.  My current commute is just not working and it’s taking away time from other things I wanted to do once I am out of the office.  I prefer finding a roommate I know and splitting the cost of rent for a nice apartment, but that’s another challenge.  These things I will get around to sorting in time, but it’s just wearing me down one week at a time.

The MBA is now looming, even though I am not ready for it.  I heard the GMATs are a complete bitch and it’s better to get into a higher tier university despite the high cost.  In theory the cost of the MBA program plus my current salary will give me a rough idea of what I can earn once I get the MBA and extra work experience.   Then again, I really hate debt of any kind, but it’s an investment worth considering.

This weekend is up in the air.  I really wonder if I should make the move.  If I don’t want to do it, I just won’t do it and spare myself from an awkward situation…

A Strange Meetup

It was a strange Saturday night for me. First off was going to a meetup in New York that was supposed to be about Japanese language and culture. I’ve been one meetup last month and made a few friends who didn’t show up to this month’s gathering. Despite this I was able to meet some friend I had talked to for months on facebook, but I also noticed that guy to girl ratio was horrible.

That really wasn’t the issue since I noticed there were an even number of Japanese nationals and non-Japanese in the meetup, which took place at a lounge. The thing that did bug the hell out of me was the number of creepy white guys that were in the lounge. Some of them were just a bunch of Asianphiles who randomly started speaking to me in Japanese and then kept on ranting in Mandarin when I told them I was Chinese and the rest of them were just crowding around the pretty Japanese girls.

Most of the Japanese guys were just there to make conversation or to find girls as well, except they were acting normal. The guys kept ranting about how the Yen-Dollar exchange rate was great for them and one of them ranted about how he wanted to get with a Latina honey. Pretty normal conversations, I guess.

About the time the guys stopped crowding around the girls, I decided to step in and try to start a conversation. It seemed like one of the girls was already freaked out by the whole meeting and just decided to stay quiet for the entire night. Another guy kept interrupting with random facts about the person I was trying to have a conversation with.

It went something like this:

me: So what college did you go to?

Japanophile: She went to Julliard!

me: [irritated] Ok…is this your first time at this meetup?

Japanophile: No! It’s her second!

I seriously wanted to punch the lights out of that kid for disrupting a conversation. I mean it’s ok if he joins in but don’t just fucking spew out random tidbits I wanted to discover for myself and let the girl talk for fucks sake. I was at a point where I didn’t even consider reminding the guy I was having a conversation; I just wanted to deck him. Maybe it’s because I have been working out too much. Maybe it’s because I have cultivated a pathological hatred of Japanophiles over the course of two years or maybe it’s because I increased the amount of meat I ate.

In any case, that conversation was going down like today’s interest rates thanks to that cunt Bernanke (who cuts rates as if he was dumping money from a helicopter). Another girl was continuously getting attention from guys and it looks like she is the popular one in the meetup. I introduced myself and we talked about random things like New York, work and random subjects. Throughout the conversation, the other two guys were sitting in the same table but didn’t try making real conversation until she tried bringing them into it. For some reason, I felt I had to make it a point that I am not an anime freak or Japanophile near the end of the conversation with her.

Later I decided to try to meet other people before the meeting ended and I was able to talk to some kids. Apparently they were tourists and I told them that these 2 weeks will be magic and they should take advantage of the really shitty exchange rates. One guy said he had called his parents for a cash injection to get around this and I told them I felt this will only get better for them.

Then I bumped into another girl who was also swamped by guys. Apparently she was a student who came to this meeting for the first time looking for fellow Japanese to befriend and maybe to practice her English. We had small talk for about 10 minutes before the meeting wrapped up and she asked me for my number before I told her I was heading out. Under normal circumstances, I would not get asked for my number for just a 10 minute conversation. I am not Rico Suave, Don Juan, David Beckham, or even Snoop Dogg. Something must of happened or the Japanophiles hitting on her made me more appealing.

Now this is where the personal doubt comes in. I really wonder if those Japanophiles at the meeting, mostly creepy White guys, are making me look sane compared to them or the Japanese kids are automatically associating me with those Japanophiles since I also tried to make some sort of conversation with them. I am a bit confused at the nature of the meetup: is it a gathering for Japanese singles, an English-Japanese language exchange, or something that became sinister due to the presence of creepy Japanophiles.